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Recuruitment for developers by consultants who are acutal developers

Ensures more accurate consulting, sourcing, screening, job matching and support

Recruitment consultants with over 10 years commercial exerience

Offering truley specialised recruitment solutions

Digital Specialists

Our recruitment consultants are actual developers who have worked as contractors for a minimum of 12 years commercial experience respectively. This gives us an advantage over other recruitment agencies for the following reasons:

  • Accurate evaluations of work requirements and directly matching candidates.
  • Ability to understand the project and it's specific technologies, syntax, coding languages, individual coding characteristics, architecture, protocols, teams preferences/dynamics, scalability, specific coding standards, etc...
  • Devise a recruitment strategy to address these specific requirements.
  • Screening candidates accurately to the specific clients/projects requirements.
  • Technically support candidates throughout their employment period.
  • Our approach naturally builds a network of developers/designers who will continually want to work with us. Considering we offer candidates more support and the opportunity to also better themselves and their skills plus we offer better recruitment matching which, also saves them time, money and effort. This prerogative continually lends into candidate loyalty, thus increasing our networks. When we find top quality people we continue to work with them which benefits everyone.
  • Saves you time, money and energy! By providing a more accurate job matching recruitment service we can save our clients and our candidates time, money and energy caused by inaccurate job matching and a general lack of experience in the digital industries.
  • Match specific candidates to suitable roles. Many agencies make the mistake of simply ‘word matching’, not understanding that each language and technology and intricate requirements which may differ from project to project. For example, matching a 'JavaScript' role with a candidate with 'JavaScript' on their CV may not be ideal, the project may require a specific JavaScript library such as AngularJS - not every JavaScript developer will know how to code with AngularJS's library. Our Consultants will instantly identify the specific coding requirement and screen candidates appropriately.


The ideas was evangelized by founder Jake Anderson who was a contractor in the digital industry for over 14 years. Jake was frustrated with being continually misrepresented by recruitment agencies whose only method to source candidates was by 'word matching' resumes with job specs. The inexperienced agencies proved to be very problematic as digital jobs are obviously far more complex than this.

It was a frustration which was also felt by his clients. Clients who were wasting precious time, money and resources interviewing candidates who were never a good match for the position.

As Jake's career advanced, he managed large digital teams and discovered the same frustrations when engaging recruitment agencies who continued to put forward inadequate candidates despite continued efforts to educate them on specific job specifications and characteristics required from the candidate to successfully work harmoniously with the team and the project.

"It became a long running joke, wouldn't be nice if the IT recruiters actually knew something about IT requirements. I always thought it would be great if the consultants actually had experience in the field". It was a notation which continued to echo until Jake finally ceased to opportunity to better the situation. He stated the successful consultancy 'Axion Digital' with the aspiration to offer recruitment solutions. Such was the positive response, recruitment is now the core aspect of the business!


Sets us apart from other agencies


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    Specialised Analysis

    Initial client meeting - by meeting and hearing their aspiration for the project and candidate we are able to start analysing the project, team(s), company to get a better understanding of the recruitment requirement. Where possible we endeavour to talk to the HR department, team leads, tech leads, project managers, iteration managers and general team members to analyse the specific resourcing requirements.

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    Project Evaluation

    As our consultants are specialist in the chosen fields, they will analyse and evaluate the project requirement to tailor a recruitment resourcing strategy which will be advantageous for sourcing the best candidate for the specific requirements

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    Engage our Extensive Networks

    Our first step is to engage any suitable candidates from our extensive networks. We will actively seek to continue working with the best designers/developers and as is the nature of our approach (again something no other agency can offer) they naturally continue to work with us. This is advantageous for many reasons, especially for ensuring the quality of the candidate. If we are required to reach outside of our network for a suitable candidate, our candidate screening strategy is second to none. Another reason why have specialized consultants is beneficial to the recruitment process.

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    Candidate Engagement

    Once we have screened the candidate and feel they are a suitable match for our client, we will look to set up the first interview with the candidate. Our consultants can help support clients get the most of the interview process. If the candidate is successful, we will continue support of both the client and the candidate and help with the preparation to help the employment period start hassle free.

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    Ongoing support

    Continued Support for the client and the candidate, our consultants will offer technical support and general employment advice, monitoring of the project and look to identify any further requirements.

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